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I am Ajithkumar. An entrepreneur and a karma yogi, who lives by the principles of Mark Twain; who said "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do". So I do Whatever I feel like with a willingness to accept responsibility for my actions. Connect with me on Google+

The Real Lord of The Rings – Awesome Skill

Lord of The Rings

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State of the Art Computer of the 70s

State of the Art Computer

A computer with 10 MB memory and a 64 kb RAM was sold at $6000 dollars. Check out this ad Just wonder how our future generations will mock our super computers. Read More »

Kamarajar – The Man Who Shaped Tamil Nadu’s Destiny


This article is a small tribute to the greatest CM of Tamil Nadu on his birthday. To some his story is synonymous to the rise of the nadar caste, to congress men it is the rise of their political clout, however for most Tamil people the story of Kamarajar is the stuff of ... Read More »

You Can’t Fail, When You Don’t Give-Up – Inspirational Derek Redmond Story

Never Give-up Derek Redmond

Today’s inspiring story is that of Derek Anthony Redmond, a retired British athlete and the British record holder for 400 meters sprint. He won Gold medals in World Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games.  Before the 1992 Olympics he had undergone 6 different surgeries, however he started the 1992 Olympic Games in a ... Read More »

Save The Animals From The “Zoo Of Death”

Poor Condition of Animals

We cannot call ourselves civilized unless we stop exploiting animals in the name of science, zoos and entertainment. We cannot call ourselves humane if we turn our backs on those who fight for the rights of these animals. The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia was opened in 1918 by the Dutch ... Read More »

A Touching Video That Struck a Chord

Donate Eyes

A friend of mine shared this video and it instantly struck a chord. A truly touching video. Read More »

This is What Humans Did to Our Earth

Save our Planet

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The Story of Sylvester Stallone – Truly Inspirational

Sylvester Stallone

Everything around us can inspire us in different ways. Nothing can be more inspiring than watching a tender sapling breaking away rocks for its own survival, however we rarely take inspiration from things around us. It is important to stay motivated, and we need stories of significant personalities to inspire us ... Read More »

A Beautiful Short Film on How FaceBook Influences Our Lives

Facebook Influencing Our Lives

While FaceBook and Twitter has enriched our lives a great deal, they are also the root cause of depression among millions. It is a very useful tool and we got to use it, but we should not let it control our lives. Read More »

The 1000th Coronation Year of Rajendra Chola – One of the Greatest Kings of India

Rajendra Chola's Empire

This article is a tribute to Rajendra Chola – I, the greatest Tamil king and one of the greatest emperors of the world, on the 1000th anniversary of his Coronation of the Chola king. Fortunately in our country we had many great philosophers as our kings. These kings despite being ... Read More »

Ang Lee: A Never Ending Dream

Ang lee Inspirational Story

Following Ang Lee’s second Best Directing win at the Academy Awards this time, this beautiful essay resurfaced. This was said after his first academy win. This article was shared by a friend of mine (Shirupa). I would also like to thank Irene Shih as this translation was taken from her ... Read More »

Alexander Cunningham: The man who recovered ancient India

Alexander Cunningham

Today – January 23rd is the 200th birthday of Alexander Cunningham, who is the solely responsible for uncovering the greatness of Ancient India.This is a mini account of the life and times of Alexander Cunningham. At the age of 21, he led an archaeological exploration at Sarnath near Varanasi at ... Read More »

Famous Inspirational Quotes of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Quotes

Bruce Lee is my all time favorite idol as well as hero. Many might not see Bruce lee as Philosopher, but he is a Philosopher too and a great inspiration for people in every field. He is a vegetarian too. Read More »

Famous Inspirational Quotes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

An excellent writer, poet, politician, and artist, German Johann Wolfgang von Goethe truly inspired many people because of his remarkable works that range from literature to science. He has written thousands of letters and sketched approximately 3,000 drawings. Out of the four novels that Goethe released, German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer ... Read More »

Independence Day Message – Say NO to the Secular Hounds

Indian Flag

I have always maintained ‘Patriotism’ is a flawed concept. Wars in the name of patriotism is a crime, because we are from a civilization that said However celebrating independence day is important, it is important to recount and honor those freedom fighters who sacrificed everything for the greater good of ... Read More »

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