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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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I am Ajithkumar, an entrepreneur and a karma yogi. I live by the principle: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do". So I do all the things I like with a willingness to accept responsibility for my actions. Connect with me on Google+

I Am India – An Awesome Video

I am India

I have had this problem for a long time now, right from filling up applications to answering surveys; there would be no option for Indians. In the US, Indians are not considered as an ethnic group. We are either called as Asians, South Asians, East Indians or simply ‘Others’. According ... Read More »

The Power of Our Brain – Michio Kaku Quotes

The Power of Our Brain

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Chapter 13: Your World Changes With One Act of Kindness

Beautiful World

I have always placed myself as the focal point around which all the events happened in my life, in fact even in this brief narration of my life I have made myself as its center-piece. However everything changed in that particular phase of my life. I started seeing the world ... Read More »

Kaushika, The Enlightened Butcher and A Spiritual Quest

Kaushika and Butcher

This story happened during the Ramayana period and was narrated several times in Mahabharata and is one of my favorite stories. Kaushika was born to a Brahmin parents, by the time he was born his parents were very old. Right from his childhood he had an inclination towards spiritual studies. ... Read More »

Chapter 12: My Life – Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind

My Brothers

Financially I was the poorest among my classmates, but I had that air invincibility, I had more control over my life than they had over theirs. I never felt alone even when I was alone because confidence is the greatest friend. In my opinion confidence is the most appealing quality in ... Read More »

Be A Hero – Touch The Life of Others

Be a Hero

You don’t need to have ripping muscles and kung-fu skills to be a hero. Hero is someone who has ability to put something else above his own self. By doing that you could create ever lasting memories and relationships. An exceptional and a touching video. Read More »

Music Lovers – You Will Be In Tears, The Best Short Film I Have Ever Seen

Inspirational Video - Cancer Awareness

I was 24 days old, when my mother ditched me saying that she was not ready to be a mother. I was brought up by my single grandmother, so there is no special mother-son bond between me and my biological mother. So, I am not the right person to appreciate ... Read More »

Aren’t We All Shoe Makers? – The Story of Ashtavakra


This is the story of sage Ashtavakra, which my grand mother narrated me several hundred times during my childhood days. This story had a lasting impression on me, and this story is also the root of several other Zen and Buddhist folk stories in China. During a time of absolute harmony ... Read More »

The Real Lord of The Rings – Awesome Skill

Lord of The Rings

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State of the Art Computer of the 70s

State of the Art Computer

A computer with 10 MB memory and a 64 kb RAM was sold at $6000 dollars. Check out this ad Just wonder how our future generations will mock our super computers. Read More »

Kamarajar – The Man Who Shaped Tamil Nadu’s Destiny


This article is a small tribute to the greatest CM of Tamil Nadu on his birthday. To some his story is synonymous to the rise of the nadar caste, to congress men it is the rise of their political clout, however for most Tamil people the story of Kamarajar is the stuff of ... Read More »

You Can’t Fail, When You Don’t Give-Up – Inspirational Derek Redmond Story

Never Give-up Derek Redmond

Today’s inspiring story is that of Derek Anthony Redmond, a retired British athlete and the British record holder for 400 meters sprint. He won Gold medals in World Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games.  Before the 1992 Olympics he had undergone 6 different surgeries, however he started the 1992 Olympic Games in a ... Read More »

Save The Animals From The “Zoo Of Death”

Poor Condition of Animals

We cannot call ourselves civilized unless we stop exploiting animals in the name of science, zoos and entertainment. We cannot call ourselves humane if we turn our backs on those who fight for the rights of these animals. The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia was opened in 1918 by the Dutch ... Read More »

A Touching Video That Struck a Chord

Donate Eyes

A friend of mine shared this video and it instantly struck a chord. A truly touching video. Read More »

This is What Humans Did to Our Earth

Save our Planet

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