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Khaled al-Asaad, the martyr of Palmyra

The Temple of Bel

A second ancient temple at Palmyra has been razed, with a satellite image appearing to confirm the destruction of the Temple of Bel, previously one of the best-preserved parts of the ancient city. The revelation follows the release of images by Islamic State last week showing the Baalshamin temple had ...

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Parantaka Chola I – The Forgotten Hero of South India

Paranthaka Chola

One of my biggest fantasies is owning a time machine. One can play God and change the course of our history. However I would just like to be an observer and go back in time to observe the mighty kings of my land. Though my heroes are Rajendra Cholan and ...

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A Scam Called as Vedic Mathematics

A Scam Called Vedic Mathematics

I am all for Indianization of education, we need to know and celebrate our history and ancient sciences. Ours is the land which gifted the world with ‘zero’ and modern mathematics. Our astronomers precisely calculated cosmic events much before Antikythera mechanism was developed by the Greeks. So I am clearly ...

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Karikala Chola – The Chola King, The Greatest Visionary

Karikaala Cholan Kallanai

Karikala Chola is also called as Karikala Peruvallattan (கரிகால பெருவளத்தான்) and Thirumavalavan (திருமாவளவன்). It goes without saying that Karikala Chola (கரிகால சோழன்) is one of the greatest kings to ever rule South India.  However there is no consensus about the year of his rule, different accounts give different time frames from 270 BC, to 180 AD. The ...

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Kaushika, The Enlightened Butcher and A Spiritual Quest

Kaushika and Butcher

This story happened during the Ramayana period and was narrated several times in Mahabharata and is one of my favorite stories. Kaushika was born to a Brahmin parents, by the time he was born his parents were very old. Right from his childhood he had an inclination towards spiritual studies. ...

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The 1000th Coronation Year of Rajendra Chola – One of the Greatest Kings of India

Rajendra Chola's Empire

This article is a tribute to Rajendra Chola – I, the greatest Tamil king and one of the greatest emperors of the world, on the 1000th anniversary of his Coronation of the Chola king. Fortunately in our country we had many great philosophers as our kings. These kings despite being ...

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Alexander Cunningham: The man who recovered ancient India

Alexander Cunningham

Today – January 23rd is the 200th birthday of Alexander Cunningham, who is the solely responsible for uncovering the greatness of Ancient India.This is a mini account of the life and times of Alexander Cunningham. At the age of 21, he led an archaeological exploration at Sarnath near Varanasi at ...

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The South Indian Bull Fest & the Curious Case of PETA


I came across this picture and nostalgia struck me so hard. I remembered all those calves I played with during my childhood, I remembered those fond memories of getting injured and getting scolded by my grandma. Jallikattu, or bull fighting, is an ancient Dravidian tradition that was practiced about 4,000 years ago ...

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Patriotism – A Highly Misunderstood Word

Indian Flag

For long I have been a stupid patriotic guy, I glorified our freedom movement and leaders. To me back then patriotism was saying ‘I am proud to be an Indian’ and salute the national flag and give utmost respect for the national anthem. However over a period of time as ...

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Why animals are no different than humans


Recently in an Orkut community I came across a thread raising doubt about Manu Needhi Cholan’s act on whether it is a fiction or truth. The intention of the person who raised this query is not to be critical or sarcastic, so I am putting this efforts to try and ...

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Nuclear Warfare in Ancient India: the proofs beyond doubt

Sanyasthama Vinasyati - Ajithkumar

While researching Indus Valley Civilisation, I stumbled upon some articles regarding Nuclear Warfare in Ancient India.. I have posted it from various sources with some editing.. Julius Robert Oppenheimer is remembered as “The Father of the Atomic Bomb”. During a college lecture,  a student asked “‘Was the atomic test at ...

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