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Going Veggie Would Cut Global Food Emissions By Two Thirds and Save Millions Of Lives

Go Veggie - Save The World

Marco Springmann, University of Oxford Eating more fruit and vegetables and cutting back on red and processed meat will make you healthier. That’s obvious enough. But as chickens and cows themselves eat food and burn off their own energy, meat is a also major driver of climate change. Going veggie ...

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From Blood Diamonds To Dirty Gold: How To Buy Gold Less Tainted By Mercury

Blood Gold

When a customer walks into a jewelry store, weddings or special occasions are usually front of mind. Rarely does that customer think of where the jewelry comes from, let alone its social and environmental costs. The tragedy of “blood diamonds” – illegally traded diamonds used to fund conflicts in Africa ...

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Heartless Butchers Named PETA Are Turning Their Eyes Towards Jallikattu

Animal Slaughter House Named PETA

How much money did PETA take in last year from unsuspecting donors who helped pay for mass killing of animals that PETA staged? What did they do with that additional money? They killed 72.84% of cats, dogs and other pet animals in their shelter houses in Virginia, fancily terming it ...

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Happy Krishna Jayanthi & Teachers Day

Krishna Jayanthi

Wish you all a happy Krishna Jayanthi and Teachers day. In Gita Krishna says दातव्यमिति यद्दानं दीयतेऽनुपकारिणे | देशे काले च पात्रे च तद्दानं सात्विकं स्मृतम् || “A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right ...

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No Need For Flawed Feminism In The Land of Kuyili & Velu Nachiyar

Women Self Defense

I have never subscribed to the metamorphosed feminist idea of blind vilification of men, and a demeaning view of women as victims rather than as free agents. Women don’t need equality, they are not equal. They are better in several aspects of life and why should we bring them down in the name ...

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Stories of Dharma – My Take On Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment Graph

There is a raging debate in the country today about capital punishment. India is not a Scandanavian country, her neighbors and demography has made her prone to frequent terrorists attacks, so capital punishment is unavoidable in India. Our society is like a functional living organism, and every human being in that society ...

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Ex-President APJ Abdul Kalam Passes Away During A lecture in Shillong

APJ Abdul Kalam

I am extremely happy that APJ passed away the way he did; he was one of the most popular men in India, he was the president of the largest democracy, had a long healthy life, inspired millions over 4 decades and above all had an instant painless death when he ...

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Nadars – The Rise And Rise Of Nadar Community


On most topics I speak my mind without trying to be diplomatic, however caste is an extremely sensitive topic in India, so I will try and toe a fine line of diplomacy. Disclaimer: I am not a Nadar. Most leaders of oppressed communities advocate retaliation. Even the community members assume that ...

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Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Has Begun, New Study Confirms

Mass Extinction

We are currently witnessing the start of a mass extinction event the likes of which have not been seen on Earth for at least 65 million years. This is the alarming finding of a new study published in the journal Science Advances. The research was designed to determine how human ...

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MK Gandhi, His Hypocrisy And The Blood In His Hands


I recollect a program attended by Barack Obama at the Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia. A student asked him if he could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who it would be. Barack Obama said if given a chance he would like to have a meal with his ...

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Treat Our Soil With The Respect It Deserves. Stop Treating It Like Dirt

Ploughing Of Every Kind is Bad For Our Soil

It goes without saying that our body is just a piece of this planet. Every cell in our body is technically made up of ingredients from soil and water. There is nothing more obscene than treating the mother beneath our feet with such indifference. Protecting our soil is far important ...

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Socialism and Human Rights, Tools Used For Deforestation


The encounter killing of 20 woodcutters, mostly Tamils, in Seshachalam forest, near Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh yesterday morning, has now snowballed into a major political controversy.  As expected the Human Rights Commission has jumped in, issuing notices to the AP government on this issue. The socialists, political activists and the self proclaimed protectors of ...

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A Scam Called as Vedic Mathematics

A Scam Called Vedic Mathematics

I am all for Indianization of education, we need to know and celebrate our history and ancient sciences. Ours is the land which gifted the world with ‘zero’ and modern mathematics. Our astronomers precisely calculated cosmic events much before Antikythera mechanism was developed by the Greeks. So I am clearly ...

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The Belief Behind Astrology and Astrological Predictions


My friends constantly question my interest in Astrology. I always refrained from getting in to a debate about Astrology, because most of us are conditioned in such way that we refuse to acknowledge that ‘we don’t know‘ about something. Some will say that they believe in God and others will say that ...

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Do We Really Need a Cracker-Less Diwali?

Wish You all a Very Happy Deepavali

I see lot messages from friends asking everyone to celebrate a cracker-less Diwali. I stopped firing crackers on Diwali since 2002, not because of pollution but because of rampant child labor in cracker manufacturing industry. I now started firing crackers over the last two years after reforms in this industry. ...

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