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Productivity Measurement Solutions

Productivity measurement is an important concept that every business house today should implement. Two companies with identical output/revenues need not have the same profits, the reason being difference in productivity. Productivity is the ratio of total production to total resources used. Let us assume that Company A and Company B have the same ... Read More »

Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Certification Exams

cisco certifications

Associated with the Data Center Unified Computing Systems Certified Implementation Specialist credential, the 642-994 exam for validating skills in Cisco unified computing data center implementation. It is a qualification exam that earns you a formal certification through Cisco and can greatly benefit your career in the process. Not only do ... Read More »

How to make the system (PC or Laptop) work faster

Whenever we buy a new computer (PC or laptop) we find the speed of the computer to be good. Over a period of time, the computer slows down. There are various reasons for this slowing down. The major factors are 1)    Disk fragmentation 2)    Spyware and malware 3)    Registry errors ... Read More »

Firefox slowing you down? Fire up Firefox

Chrome is good, safari is fast and internet explorer sucks, but if you need the best of all worlds, then don’t think beyond firefox. I lately felt that firefox too is becoming a bit buggy and consumes lot of system memory and is slowing me down. Later I learned how ... Read More »

Top 500 worst passwords of all time (and how girls are better than boys)

I happened to come across an article recently about the worst possible passwords of all time. The article was so interesting (and enlightening :-) ) that I am posting it in my blog. Another thing about passwords are girls are generally better, and they have more secure passwords than boys ... Read More »

Pen Drive Security Issues

Pen drive is a familiar, portable computer gadget which gained popularity for its data storage and recovery functionality. Identical to various other products and gadgets, it also has its downside that cannot be ignored, as it poses the threat of virus transmission, sometimes making it difficult to be detected by ... Read More »

A huge security issue with wordpress and how to tackle it.

This post is only meant for people who use wordpress or those who are interested in starting wordpress based website or a blog. WordPress is an amazing and highly user friendly platform, creating and developing a website is nothing more than creating and formatting a word document. After the stable ... Read More »

Improper Use of Bootcfg.exe Command May Cause Partition Loss in Windows

In Microsoft Windows, Bootcfg.exe is a command-line utility that is used to modify Boot.ini file. It has a function, which scan the hard drive of your computer and then add them to existing Boot.ini file or creates a new Boot.ini file if it doesn’t exist. You can use Bootcfg.exe command ... Read More »

How to Remove Virus Response Lab 2009 – a pesky malware

Virus Response Lab 2009 iѕ fаke anti-malware program. A dіrect clone of Antivirus Lab 2009, thіs rogue software is typiсally installed by Trojan after yoυ have installed а vidөo codec fгom аn unknown source. Once installed, the Viruѕ Resрonse Lab 2009 software сhanges yoυr browser settings and displays commercial advertisements ... Read More »

Hosting a website at home

In the past, web sіte hosting froм home wаs something that tһe average person witһ a liмited understanding οf networking woυldn’t darө attempt. But nowadays wіth the introduction οf complete (Apache/PHP/SQL) packages suсh aѕ Xampp, EasyPHP and NetServer, it isn’t uncommon foг the average рerson to Ьegin hosting theiг own ... Read More »

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