Real Estate Situation in San Diego

San Diego Real Estate

San Diego is one of the most coveted localities in California and it has always been a very important city right from the days of the Spanish occupation and was a strategic location in Mexican American War. The San Diego today is totally different but still is very significant, it has been undergoing continuous urban renewals over the past 4 decades. The upgrades and the development around this area has made it is one of the most sought after real estate market in California. The strategic location of being close to the Pacific Ocean as well as Mexico makes it a fantastic place to reside. The climate of San Diego is great all around the year and it has a healthy mix of different cultures.

San Diego Real EstateThere are several other important reasons to consider San Diego for buying a property. The economy of San Diego is robust and thriving; it has some of the biggest Bio-tech companies of the world. Fortune companies like Qualcomm, Pfizer and Merck have their head quarters in San Diego. These varied industries acts as the back bone of San Diego’s economy. The tourism industry is also strong, as millions visit San Diego every year for their vacations. San Diego is a port city and acts as a stopover point for several shipping lines.

When it comes to housing and real estate San Diego has a wide range of housing styles and choices. Unlike other old cities San Diego continuously had urban renewals and upgrades, so it has every type of modern housing right from high-rise condos, apartments to single family homes. However the real estate market here underwent a sea-change over the past 5 years. This area was a purely sellers market up until 2008, but now thing are different. With huge investments flowing in and a huge competition among the sellers it is now more of a buyers market.

With the property price now stabilizing, the choices you will have are far better than what was 5 years ago. This is the ideal time to buy a property in this city, as the prices are reasonable, and there are several buying opportunities around. However it is important to find out a trusted agent to find the right properties in San Diego real estate.

A good real estate agent will provide all the required service you need. Some of the most common services offered are

  • Finding the right home for you
  • Guiding you with he best home loans available
  • Helping you to get a good home insurance
  • Assisting you with home loan modifications
  • Listing short sales
  • Recommending a handyman and other service providers