Karthi’s Madras Review – A Cliched Battle

Madras Movie Review

Madras Movie Review

After a series of flops, Karthi has done a movie of some substance. However, the plot is pretty thin, and by itself does not throw any surprises. You can almost predict the next scene as the story and screenplay is time worn and beaten to death. Instead of a fight for control over land, temple or a village (that you see in most movies) this story is about a fight for a ‘WALL’. The movie stretches over 150 minutes and moves pretty slowly at times.

The movie actually gets going only after the first half. I have lived in north Madras for over a year and the attitude of the North Madras people portrayed is not realistic.  The director fails to explain why everyone would want to swing sickles, bad mouth one another and threaten to kill one another for trivial issues (such as a game of soccer).

Kali (Karthi) is a software engineer living in a North Madras and is a passionate football player. He hangs out with his best friend Anbu and other cronies. The moment they show Anbu as his best friend, anyone could rightly predict that he would be killed (one of the cliched parts of the movie). I don’t want to get in to the story line, even if I do so there won’t be any spoilers as you could easily predict the story right from the first scene.


One more poor show by Karthi. Catherine. the heroine is not quite up to the mark, she looks dull and emotionless.


Ranjith (the Director), shows his astute understanding of politics. He conveys several political messages in a subtle way. By using political leaders’ images throughout the movie in a subtle way, he conveys his political message. He shows the oppression and manipulation against lower class people. Most of the messages that he tries to convey are that of Ambedkar’s. Even the climax scene of the movie shows Ambedkar’s picture along with his message. Kudos to him, he has done all these things in a subtle and beautiful way. However the plot he chose is not that good.

Santhosh Narayanan‘s background score is absolutely stunning. His background score is truly the soul of this movie.


Story, actors and editing