The Fountain (2006) – A Review

Fountain 2006 - Movie Review

I really don’t know where to begin, watching this movie will give you a feeling that is hard to explain. You will carry that feeling with you long after the end of the movie. No movie has affected me as much as The Fountain has since Donnie Darko. I will not try to present a summary or the plot here, it will not do justice to this movie. Please don’t read the plot or summary and judge the film by what it sounds like it. It is not a story but an experience.

As far as the technical aspects go, as expected director Darren Aronofsky has done an incredible job. I can safely say that he is one of the top 10 directors of the world at the moment. The entire color tone of golden yellow and black colors look amazing.

Hugh Jackman has done a splendid job as the hero, it is sad to see such a good actor in movies like X-men and Real steel. However Rachel Weisz scores over Hugh Jackman in most of the scenes and she delivers the stand out performance of the movie. Ellen Burstyn delivers an absolutely brilliant supporting performance.

The music by Clint Mansell is good, but this movie deserved better music than what Mansell has delivered. However he succeeded in strengthening the mood and emotions. The special effects are nothing short of path breaking.

This movie is fully of ideas that are ripe for different interpretations. Some of my friends did not like the movie, but I had an incredible experience watching this movie.

In my opinion the issue with those people who don’t like the film is that they see it as a story about two people, and not two archetypes. The two systems that are elemental within human mythology (first man and first woman). If you look a bit deeper you will note how Jackman becomes the embodiment of Western thoughts (fast paced and daring, he hopes to reach beyond nature, to become a superhuman,’ he don’t understand that he is not simply a product of nature but very much a PART of nature) and Weisz on the other hand becomes the personification of Eastern thought (her acceptance of truth of nature (death) is not a submission, but an understanding of the tide of life). I see a purity in the representation of first man and first woman, a purity that allows me to see the characters as archetypes that resemble the spiritual paths that have driven the civilizations of the world..