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Chapter 3: “All good things must come to an end, but all bad things can continue forever.”

Like the title says.. the bad things continued and I don’t want to dwell too much about those bad things. We moved to a new location in Chennai (Nanganallur). This move helped me a bit, as my parents will not say ‘no’ if I go to a temple and Nanganallur had quite a few Shiva temples. I started to hate studies, because I found all the teachers so dumb. I hardly found anyone talented enough to teach children the basics, and later I found out the reason. They took up the job, not because they liked teaching but because they did not have an alternative.

Coming back to my schools, as I said before I studied in 12 schools from my L.K.G to 12th standard. This phase is all about changing schools, between my 4th standard and 8th standard I spent time in 7 schools. I changed schools for two reasons, one is my mother will change her school or we will change our home. The frequency of this is quite good, that it happened around twice a year. The moment I get a good friend at school, I will be forced to change the school. The first school that I joined after coming to Nanganallur is a school named “Mowbarys’, a small but good school and yeah, my mom was a teacher there as well. I had three good friends, one is Mayilvaganan (Thanks to orkut I found him again), Vasudevan and the other is Balamuralikrishna. The later was the naughty boy of the class, he was three years elder to us (I don’t know the reason why) and he always keep talking about girls (at 4th standard).


all good things - ajithkumarI had the first experience of eating noodles, thanks to Vasudevan. That was the first and only time that I had noodles till my 11th standard. So the most memorable event of that year involves Balamurali. He was a common friend to all of us, but he always insulted everyone, so we came up with an idea to teach him a lesson. Cadbury’s éclairs is a toffee that will not have a good finish; it always looks crushed and deformed. So Vasu came up with the idea of giving a laxative pill to him in the disguise of a toffee. So we bought a few éclairs, and cut it in to half and removed the milk chocolate at the center and replaced it with a crushed laxative and then we pressed back the chocolate. It looked good, we then wrapped it back and were having it in our desks. We wanted to keep it visible, so placed it in our desk. He came, he saw and WE conquered. He was running out of the class from second period onwards. Later Vasu got scared and told him the truth, he immediately went to our class teacher and told everything, he was asked to go home and we were asked to enjoy the punishment. Alas Chair Punishment (hope you know what it is, if not let me explain. We should sit as if we are sitting in a chair but without a chair). While Mayilvaganan and Vasu were unable to bear the pain, I was busy looking at the corridor. What have I done? My mom was teacher and can come anytime to take the other classes to the playground. Fortunately I escaped as we were asked to get in to the class soon. That brings to an end an eventful and relatively happy 4th standard.

Like always, we shifted our house to a different locality in Nanganallur, my mom shifted to a new school which was an offshoot of Mowbarys. A rebel group from the previous school started this new school in the name of PMS (P.M. Srinivasa Reddy matric. Hr. Sec. School). So they took away around 20% of the students of Mowbarys and started this new school and I was one of those. Since it was started all of a sudden they were quite lenient with the uniforms, and students were permitted to come in color dress. Instead of being happy, it was a shocker for me. I did not have that many dresses, and that phase is a fast growing phase for any kid, so even the dresses that my grand ma got me were short or small. While I went to my native and when my grandma wanted to get me some dress, my father would tell her to give him as cash so that instead of buying from a village he could get me dress from Madras. The first dress that he got me was when I joined my B.Tech. So the time at the new school was torrid. No enjoyment, no friends, no studies and no exams. There was a shortage of teachers so we did not have exams, everyone passed and the school was shut down by the end of that year. Though I did not have much friends, there was a guy named Vipin Das (A malayalee guy) and a girl named L. Gayatri, they used to be my friends. I really would like to thank them, if not for them my life would have been more torrid

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