Corruption and the Anti-Corruption Movement in India

Let’s face it, we all in at least a small way are corrupt. The degree of our corruption is directly proportional to the opportunity we have for doing corruption. Yes, there are some souls who despite presented with an opportunity will not do any thing that is against ethics and values. Now we need to understand that any fight against corruption is not a fight against politicians.

Lokpal Bill and Anti Corruption MovementLate Congress Leader and ex-CM of Tamil Nadu Kamaraj, refused to even give a recommendation letter to his grand son for admission in a college, when he died he just had 360 rupees as his savings. The same thing happened to the heir of Lal Bahadur Shastri. Cutting across all parties there are still good people. So this fight against corruption is not a fight against politicians or a political party.

99 out of 100 software engineers use office telephone for personal use, use office stationary for personal use, they waste their office time sitting at the cafeteria smoking and chatting. This extends in all spheres of our life. An auto driver charging more than the meter charge, a retailer selling products at a rate more than the MRP, a government official asking for a bribe to even move a paper, bus conductor not giving back the right change.

In other words, if you are presented with an opportunity to take money which is not yours without any evidence or scrutiny, then 99 out of 100 will do it. Now why are we blaming the politicians, in fact despite being presented with a great opportunity, there are still many good politicians in all the parties who are ethical. We try and portray that all politicians are bad and all the citizens are innocents. Which is obviously not true.

In general people are corrupt to the degree, which their environment and the system permits them to be. The lokpal bill addresses that issue and is tightening up the system. The point is not punishing who are guilty, but tightening up the system so there will be very opportunity for people to get away with corruption. The current system is easy for the politicians, government employees and officials to be corrupt and also provides an opportunity to get away with it.

So there will be a natural resistance from these people for a tighter system. Agreed the resistance comes from the current government and particularly from a few. It is our duty to fight for a cause, that is to change the system. We are not fighting against the politicians or govt officials, but we are fighting against the system.

Now this government has created a Lokpal bill which is drastically different from the bill created by the civil society. Many don’t know the clauses  that are conflicting.

Here I have attached a pamphlet provided by India against corruption, on the differences between the two. They are drastically different in my opinion, and Govt should do a rethink.

You can download the pamphlet and Anna Hazare’s Letter to everyone.