Do We Really Need a Cracker-Less Diwali?

Wish You all a Very Happy Deepavali

I see lot messages from friends asking everyone to celebrate a cracker-less Diwali. I stopped firing crackers on Diwali since 2002, not because of pollution but because of rampant child labor in cracker manufacturing industry. I now started firing crackers over the last two years after reforms in this industry.

Let us keep the left liberals’ version of pollution aside and check out the facts. In any given day, 24 hours of air travel in the world produces 7 times more deadly pollution than Diwali celebration which happens once a year. Should we stop air travel then?

Vehicles around the world produces tons of pollutants every day, do we consider that and stop using our cars for one day a week? No.

Air conditioners and refrigerators produce far deadly CFCs but do we stop using them? Or even speak against using them? NO. The power used by the air conditioners and refrigerators, is produced by burning fossil fuels, do we cut down our power consumption? No.

We speak against Diwali celebration that we observe just once a year. When we promote and tacitly approve pollution that is exponentially higher in magnitude than Diwali celebrations, we don’t have any right to criticize burning crackers. I have compared pollution due to several factors, however does this comparison justify any pollution on Deepavali ? No. it doesn’t, but the point is, the hypocrisy of the media and left liberals.

If we are willing to suffer million times more pollution without taking any corrective action, then we have no moral right to complain about something as insignificant as pollution caused due to Diwali celebrations, in addition to that, Diwali brings tremendous joy to millions in India. A win-win solution for this issue is to fire crackers in moderation and save our planet in all other possible ways.

Despite all this, I am proud of our culture which permits difference of opinion when it comes to religious practices and religious festivals. We are open to the ideas of water-less holy, noise-less Dusshera or a Cracker-less diwali. Even recently members of a particular community resorted to violence against women, when women activists asked them to change the way they celebrated their festival.

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali.