Ex-President APJ Abdul Kalam Passes Away During A lecture in Shillong

APJ Abdul Kalam

I am extremely happy that APJ passed away the way he did; he was one of the most popular men in India, he was the president of the largest democracy, had a long healthy life, inspired millions over 4 decades and above all had an instant painless death when he was giving a lecture (the thing that he loved). He had lived a thoroughly fulfilling life and to cap it off had a great death. It is time to celebrate one of the finest men and not mourn his death by posting a RIP message. How many can boast of such a life and death?

I had the privilege to interact with APJ once and the opportunity to listen to some of his speeches. It was actually a let down, you expect some extraordinary insights from a man of his stature, but his speeches were mostly ordinary and not so well researched. However as a person he inspired me every time I saw him, there was 100% honesty in his intentions to inspire the youth, he was thoroughly grounded with no fake humility, he was physically active (he used to run everyday) even at that age. I would eternally remember those days when I would run a 100 ft just to wish him ‘Good Morning’. As for most India, APJ is more of an ‘IDEA’ rather than a person, and that ‘IDEA’ will not be dead anytime soon. So let us get inspired and celebrate his life instead of mourning his death.

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