Mangalore Moral Policing Can Kill the Beauty of Hinduism


Over the last few days, I came across so many comments by the right wing people who blatantly support the act of those goons who bashed up the college kids. The boys and girls partied at night (with booze). These goons who did beat up the boys and girls committed a crime, but the bigger crime is to support such acts which might eventually make India similar to the Taliban ruled Afghan. In the name of preserving the Hindu culture, they are tarnishing the very fabric of our culture which always remained superior to any contemporary cultures.

Firstly there are no concrete rules in Hindu Culture (Sanatana Dharma), you can follow anything you can worship a stone or worship Parahbrahman or say Ahman Brahmasmi and worship the self within. You can be a highly loyal husband like Ram or marry a hundred girls and flirt around with thousands like Krishna or remain a bachelor. This very culture gave Kamasutra to the world, this very culture built temples featuring the beauty and grace of women. This culture also formulated the correct way of living; right from eating, bathing, physical activity, sex and worship. However it never forced it upon the people and gave them the freedom to choose the way they wanted to live. Whenever the society was lead by wrong people, this culture corrected that by means of Taraka Sashtra and not by force.

Tarka Sastra is a science of dialogues, based on logical reasoning, a kind of debate that analyzes the nature of a topic and its validity. Two parties will debate it out, and the one who loses should follow the winner’s way. The whole country under Ashoka and later kings was converted to Buddhism (Jainism as well), but it was changed and brought back by Adi Shankara by debating against the spiritual leaders of Buddhism and Jainism won them over and those people converted themselves back to Sanatana Dharma. Force was never used to make people follow a particular way a life. It has been like that for ages. In South India the debate was always about Shaivam or Vaishnavism and the debates were won by the Shaivaites and people followed that way for life for centuries.

However when it comes to these goons, they are not going to respect reasoning. These people should be crushed with an iron fist, and those people who want to preserve sanatana dharma and a particular way of life, should take up the responsibility and teach the youngsters about the good things that can be achieved by focus and good lifestyle. Despite a good number youngsters who are ruined because of partying booze and smoking, I still believe that the current crop of youngsters are far better than the previous generation. I see youngsters flocking to good initiatives like Isha Vidha, Project Green hands and so on, they are far more socially responsible than the previous generations. I can see youngsters meditating every day, feeding the poor, planting trees and teaching poor kids. If people want to change the western culture it should be done by inspiring the youngsters to take up socially responsible activities and not by beating up kids. I just request the right wing (being a right winger myself) people not to support such acts, as these goons act like that out of desperation, and most probably these guys never had a happy life. They just beat up others out of their frustration, and given an opportunity they would party themselves.