Money the mother of all evil

Money, what a beautiful thing? Ugly as well. Ugly??? I got to be kidding.  No. It is not just Ugly, but it is the mother of all evils. I may sound philosophical. What good it is being philosophical if there is no rationale behind your words? My view is completely rational as well. How?

The nature has given every resource in abundance to us. More that what we would ever need. Have you ever seen an animal die of hunger in forest? Look at everything around, the nature takes care of every living being. People did not eat rats to live like what is happening in Andhra and Tamil Nadu in India. People did not die out of hunger like it is in Chad and Somalia. Even today, there is surplus of food, and food wasted everywhere around the world.

The wasted food per day is much more than the average calorie requirements of all the poor across the globe. The speculators, and people in the commodity market play with the commodities and quite a few times, these commodities ended up as waste. During the great economic depression. In the US millions of tons of wheat was burnt and drowned in sea, just to sustain the demand-supply curve and prevent decrease in the price of wheat. At the same time in Africa thousands died out of hunger. Now this directly implies money for those people is more important that the lives of these people. They would treat even cattle better as they can be sold for more than the poor across the globe.

What is the reason for all these? Money started as stones, evolved in to coins, then in to currency and then now it is in the form of electronic impulse roaming around the world within seconds in trillions. Money has made progress, but what about us? There is no progress in human kind, physically as well as intellectually.

Money is depriving poor from getting food, basic sanitation, place to live and everything. For the haves it is inflicting a source of fear. The fear to protect the money. For the havenots it is inflicting a fear for life, and a scare of sustenance. Which implies that money has ultimately done nothing good to the mankind. All it has done is created hatred, violence, corruption, murders and so on.

Imagine a scenario, where the concept of money vanishes from this world.  How happy your life will be? Can’t get happier. But that scenario would never happen. So ideally what we have to do is, go after money like everyone else, earn it. When you earn enough, you will obviously know that the real search in life is not money but happiness. To get that, don’t give away all the money you have earned, but create opportunities for the poor to earn more money. You increase their dignity, that is the ultimate source of happiness in life.

  • Phani

    I think your thoughts stopped half way. I agree money is corrupting us….Is it really??? Let me think.

    Money, why do I need it?
    To earn a living.

    Yes, a decent way to live life.

    How decent?
    Better than other people in the neighborhood.

    Better than other people, why is that?
    So that people will respect and listen to me.

    Listen to me, why?
    Because I want to be powerful.

    To be able to pass decree and feel free and happy.

    Feel free and happy?
    Yes, when nobody questions and agrees with me I will be the righteous and happiest.

    What if nobody agrees with me?
    Don’t worry, I have enough money and I can corrupt them.

    Corrupt them?
    Make them think money is the life and they become obsessed with greed.

    Obsessed, then what?
    They will start fighting with each other.

    Fighting with each other?
    Yes, then I can intervene with the power of money and rule them.

    Rule them?
    Yes, this is the motive of money. Power and only Power.

    • admin

      I was actually planning for a second part of this, however due to other commitments did not update my blog.

      while the flow that you have said is quite right, but the point of going after money is not entirely for that reason. Money is not the only source of attaining power. The purpose of money is not only to attain power.

      There are subtler things to this actually, “Mans look out for reaching the infinity”. If there is one thing that differentiate man from animals, then it is this fact for animals their life ends once they have food sleep and reproduction but for man the life starts only after those things are satisfied. Once his life starts he don’t actually know what exactly he needs..or how much he needs..Money is the easiest thing to attain and it is the most convertible and convenient of resources, so he goes after it, after attaining some he don’t know when to stop. People also go after women, power (very poor politicians like kamaraj and co), physical strength and so on..

      “Better than other people, why is that?
      So that people will respect and listen to me.”

      This quote of yours is quite true and this is the very basis of the existence of most people. It is not the money I have that matters to me, but my relative position among the people of my society. People would Opt to be a millionaire in a society full of poor than a Billionaire in a society full of Trillionaires.

      • Phani

        You are right about the part where you talked that money is not only the motive….but also women….and this is what is talked all about in vedas….

        How to overcome the affection of lust and gold and find the true nature of ours….well atleast that’s what I read so far….but my only problem is even after reading so much material, my mind still not comprehending that it is true… part of my heart says leave all this nonsense, just go and meditate all the time….never wake up from that state…… :-) however i know for sure that it is a difficult task to control mind and make it still……..

        • admin

          This is a major misconception which people have.. about controlling the mind. There is no need to control it, rather we need to unleash it. Mind is the most powerful tool that man posses, even more powerful than his body (we all underestimate the power of body and mind). In such a case why should we control it. All we need to do is channelize it.

          Vedas are different from agamas. Unlike abrahamic religions indulgence is not a sin in our dharma, obsession is what one should abstain from. We have books like kamasutra, the culinary expertise of nala, or numerous gods for wealth. The basic thing for us is not allowing an external factor control our happiness.

          India win a match, the happiness that we feel is inside us, it is not outside. We feel the happiness inside. The stimulus for that happiness is outside, but the happiness is within. The whole concept of Yoga is to exist in a state of bliss without any external stimuli. Once we can be happy without an external stimulus, then being happy or not is just a matter of choice and misery cannot be inflicted upon us. It is not a philosophy but an experience. This is what Adiyogi taught his disciples. However, you having the habit of meditating should find yoga (I am not talking about yoga asanas) the right path.