Rationalists’ Attack On Native Indian Knowledge & Tradition

1) Jalli Kattu – Actually ‘yeru thazhuvudhal’ (ஏறுதழுவல்) = Is not just a game, it is a scientific process of identifying the strongest bulls for mating with cows, so that the offspring is healthy, strong and resistant to diseases and famine. So, rationalists and foreign corporate funded associations categorically attacks it.

2) The same happened to cock fight and goat fight, those were used to identify the strongest cocks and goats for mating. That was categorically banned so that imported broiler hens, eggs, steroids and imported goats made their way in to the huge Indian market.

3) Mulaipaari (முளைப்பாரி) = Traditional women celebrated this to identify the best quality seeds of navadhanya. Rationalists attacked this as a regressive practice and today you hardly find it happening.

Eventually all of this will favor the MNCs dealing in GMO seeds, A1 milk, Cancer and diabetes drugs.

If you look deeply, you will understand the hypocrisy of these rationalists. They ban jallikattu, cock fights and goat fighting, but they promote beef eating and chicken industry. Ban relatively healthier country liquor extracted from palm and coconut trees, but promote big industry liquor in the name of TASMAC. Destroy mulaipari and native seeds in the name of green revolution and bring in imported seeds. According to PETA Jallikattu and those fights are cruelty towards animals, but slitting their throat and eating them isn’t.

Today,  the youngsters are fighting for Jallikattu; and the so called rationalists, separatists and Periyar gangs also support the protest on the ground to get political benefits. It is the Congress+DMK govt which is responsible for the ban of Jallikattu, Kapil Sibal’s wife Promilaa Sibal runs the biggest beef export industry in India. Just rewind back and check the videos of Periyar followers who abused pongal festivals and termed jallikattu as a savage sport. Check out the old interviews of Periyar himself where he denounced anything native to promote the western culture and English. He even called tamil as a language of savages. I just wish the student community keep these politicians and Periyar gang out of these protests.

The template is simple, where there is a huge target population, you simply destroy their food, traditions and medicine, give them diseases in the name of new food and provide the cure for the new diseases.  The big pharma has also categorically destroyed several native herbs and associated traditions.

One of the biggest misconceptions of current population is that we can only understand something, if we can reduce it to a theory and are able to verbalize it and be peer-reviewed. Pigeons, migratory birds, dolphins and animals like platypus have amazing built in technologies like magnetic/gravitational field reception, electo-reception and so on. So even in complete darkness and silence, these animals can reach an exact location. A scientist would simply say, this immense technical know-how is obtained via evolutionary processes. Forget building a technology like that, scientists today even struggle to explain how exactly a pigeon flies home from extremely long distances. If evolutionary processes has given the power of GPS and radar to animals, what has evolution given to human beings? In my opinion, the evolutionary process has given human societies a huge wealth of non-textual knowledge which is passed upon generations as tradition.

As a kid I got chicken pox, my grandmother instead of admitting me to a hospital used neem leaves and neem water to treat me. When a so called rationalist who lived in my street ridiculed the unscientific practice and asked my grand mother to admit me to a hospital. She plainly refused, saying that she has witnessed so many cases where even a severe attack of small pox was cured with neem alone. Now my grand mother did not understand the process that went into play, all she had was prior experience and anecdotal evidence that neem is a good medicine for chicken pox. Mere tradition will never pass as a scientific fact in the modern world, however, that doesn’t mean that my tradition is not based on science. Today researchers from all parts of the world accept the antiviral properties of neem and are rushing to patent medicines extracted from neem.

Couple of years ago, when the dengue epidemic hit India, a relative of my friend was admitted to the hospital with dengue. Even after three days of the treatment the platelet count continued to drop. That is when an Ayurveda doctor asked them to drink the juice of papaya plant. Overnight the platelet count increased dramatically. The ayurvedic doctor did not perform any double blind, placebo controlled test to validate the effectiveness of his medicine. Despite the effectiveness of our traditional knowledge, the western corporate world will not acknowledge this, and a particular section of Indians under the mask of Rationalism will work overtime to discredit our traditional knowledge. There are two problems, scientific research is very expensive and who would fund the study? The small ayurvedic practitioner or the decentralized papaya farmers cannot fund this study. Even an Indian pharma company will not undertake the study because they cannot patent papaya leaves, or papaya leaf juice. The only way to get a patent is to isolate the active ingredient in the papaya leaf juice that cures dengue, and to get this pill approved they need to spend years and millions of research dollars on several rounds of double-blind tests. Finally they need to hide the fact that they isolated this molecule from papaya juice and people can get the same cure by simply drinking the papaya leaf juice. Eventually they have to sell the pill would cost hundred times more than the cost of papaya leaf juice. Any sane person will not buy it when papaya leaf juice produces the same result. So, what the western corporate would do? They would simply dismiss the natural cure as “unscientific quackery” and “superstition” or a “hoax.” If they were powerful enough, they could even force the health department to outlaw the natural cure and insist on “professional medical treatment” by a doctor.

When I was a kid refined sunflower oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil (Vanaspati/Dalda) were pushed as healthier alternatives to coconut oil and ghee, by the same western lobbyist. As it turns out, the latest research shows that the trans-fat produced by hydrogenation is “the worst type of dietary fat” there is.  How many millions of people were pushed into being heart patients by these so called rationalists.  Today “science” beyond a shred of doubt grandly informs us that coconut oil is the most healthiest oil and ghee is actually quite good for health. The problem arises, when traditional knowledge of thousands of years is overturned by the arrogance of flimsy tentative knowledge and a gang of economical terrorists under the mask of rationalism. Today coconut oil is sold as 1 gram capsules at exorbitant costs by thousands of sellers in the US.

In the US there is a popular book called “Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type Diet” that recommended diets based on a person’s “body type”, ending with some exercise postures.  If you read the book carefully the “body types” were based on Ayurvedic Doshas (tridhosa) and exercise postures were Yoga Asanas, all used without any form of acknowledgment to Ayurveda and Yoga.

Copper, bronze and earthen vessels were discredited once and a wave of aluminium and stainless steel vessels stormed our kitchens. Today modern science proves that Copper has very strong anti-microbial property, and cooking in copper/earthen vessels is healthier. Throwing copper coins in stagnant water bodies were considered as a superstition, today the science proves that it would prevent epidemic. Tulsi Thirtham saved overnight in copper vessels is given in temples, it is not a superstition, though it is based on our tradition, it has scientific backing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimicrobial_properties_of_copper

I am not against modern science. Right from childhood I always kept myself abreast of latest scientific news affecting our world. I have a great deal of respect for scientific methods. I just argue for the legitimacy of certain traditional ways and am just pointing out flaws in the scientific approach, which sometime tend to become hegemonic. I am arguing for co-existence, tolerance, and a certain humility from scientists and self proclaimed rationalists.There exist other ways of knowing the truth, and the process by which traditional knowledge accumulates and propagates also has validity.