Save The Animals From The “Zoo Of Death”

Poor Condition of Animals

We cannot call ourselves civilized unless we stop exploiting animals in the name of science, zoos and entertainment. We cannot call ourselves humane if we turn our backs on those who fight for the rights of these animals.

[box type=”info” ]“If you don’t like pictures of animal cruelty being posted on social media, you need to help stop the cruelty, not the pictures. You should be bothered that its happening, not that you saw it.” ― Marie Sarantakis[/box]

The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia was opened in 1918 by the Dutch and was well maintained, however the current situation of the animals in this zoo is alarming. This Zoo has received complaints about its treatment of animals from several activist groups. In 2010 Jakarta Post called this Zoo as the “Zoo of Death”. An interim management, set up in 2010, sanctioned an investigation, which found that negligent keepers were to blame for most of the animal deaths. The Temporary Management Team transferred 378 animals from the zoo to 6 conservation organizations. However, several of the animals were in severe conditions, and eventually died. An autopsy performed on those animals found plastics and wood in their body.

Currently the zoo has a collection of 3,459 animals of which several are sick, disabled, and old. The organization Cee4life has done a great job in feeding and providing care for animals of this zoo. A representative from Cee4life delivered a petition to close this Zoo for good. Their latest update said, “The zoo is not going to close down anytime soon, and the animals cannot be re-homed due to diseases. Cee4life has been supplying diet information, along with enclosure and enrichment. We were able to rescue Melani the tiger and she is doing well. The animals need aid and we are doing everything we can to do that. There are 4 other people coming at the end of April to try and also help.”

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Look at the state of the Mighty Sumatran Tiger!!

These animals starve and those that did not die out of starvation are euthanized for some other reason.

These animals don’t have sufficient space to even stretch themselves.

This Giraffe died and the autopsy found 40 pounds of plastic in its stomach.

It is alleged that the body parts of the animals dying here are sold in the illegal wildlife trade.



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Image Courtesy: Higher Perspective and Anonymous Leopard