Shocking Death of Alexander Dale Oen – A 26 Year Old World Champion


The recent swimming world champion Alexander Dale Oen of Norway died of a cardiac arrest in Arizona at the age of 26. It was shocking, I happened to read how he broke down emotionally when he learned about the Norway shootout which killed 77 people some time back. (Alexander Dale Oen Wiki Page)

Alexander Dale Oen - Died at 26
Alexander Dale Oen – Died at 26

He is a great athlete and won the silver in Beijin Olympics. In the Shanghai World Championships, he won the gold and was one of the strong contenders of gold in London Olympics. It is heart breaking when we learn about a great achiever dying so young. Whenever I come across such a death, the great poet Keats comes to my mind.

Few weeks back I got a facebook share on how less sleep coupled with stress can result in cardiac arrest even among people between 25 & 35. The current competitive levels in every field results in huge stress in people. No matter what field you are in, one should learn to handle stress. To me stress management is a joke, because you need to manage things that are valuable for you like wealth management, time management and relationship management and why should we need to manage stress (something which we don’t want). The current society is teaching the youngsters to constantly live under stress instead of teaching them to avoid being in stress.


Krishna in Gita said

Karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachna
Karmaphalehtur bhurma te sangostvakarmani

Which means focus on the process and action and don’t bother about the results (at the same time don’t let inaction enter your system).  Today most of the modern coaches teach the same thing ‘give importance to the process and not to the results’. If we do that we will not be stressed mentally no matter in what field we are in.

The second major thing is the physical stress, if you are in to high stressful physical activity and long hours of training, you then need good amount of sleep. There used to be days when I worked continuously for 72 hours, but it took a toll on my body at a very young age, I then started to consciously manage my work and sleep. Practicing yoga and pranayama instead of regular physical exercises and help you in recuperating the body affected by physical stress.

It is however a sad day for sports, the only way of showing gratitude for such deaths is by learning something from their death and implementing it in our lives. Stay health and stay happy