Choosing The Collision Auto Body Repair Shop Is Your Right, With or Without Car Insurance

Auto Collision

Auto Collision

There are few events more stressful than getting involved in an automobile accident. Accidents usually create a continuous string of events that are extremely stressful. In an already hectic city life, living without your vehicle for a few days can be really hard. My friend, who lives in Michigan, recently met with an accident. He usually services his vehicle in a reputed auto repair shop close to his home. However, his insurance company insisted him to opt for a different collision repair expert. To avoid hassles in filing his insurance claim to cover the repair, he went with the insurance company recommended repair shop instead of his favorite shop. After holding his vehicle for 10 days, they finally delivered his vehicle, in let us say, a not so good condition with a poor paint restoration.

He later took his car again to his favorite auto repair shop in Michigan and got his car restored to its original condition, by paying from his pocket as it was quite affordable there. The reason that I am narrating this incident is because there are numerous benefits in choosing your own auto body repair shop.

Insurance companies usually have their own preferred repair shops for obvious reasons. However, there are specific state and federal laws against insurance comapanies forcing clients to use a specific auto repair shop. For instance, according to some of the major state laws, it is illegal for an insurance company to require or even suggest an auto body collision repair shop unless you specifically request them to.

Choosing your own auto body repair shop is your right and it has numerous benefits. You will end up paying less for the co-pay, you can build trust and loyalty with your favorite auto repair shop, and above all you can get a good job done in a short period of time. A good auto repair shop will often provide you with an immediate computerized estimates, exact-match auto body painting, alignment adjustments, vehcile frame-straightening, digital imagery of the recovery and genuine spare parts.

If unfortunately you meet with an accident, then make sure to get your car repaired in a reputed company rather than going along with what your insurance company recommends. Good luck and happy driving.