Event Management – Choosing Wristbands Over Tickets

Wristbands for Event Mangement

Event management has become a lucrative profession lately and a lot of youngsters are taking up even management as a full time profession. I recently had the opportunity to visit a fund raising event for differently abled children, the event was managed by a reputed event management firm, however the way it was organized was well below par. In the same week I attended another event organized by college students; this one was meticulously planned and organized. It was a great learning experience for me and the approach was totally unconventional.

Wristbands for Event MangementThe first issue in organizing an event that requires a paid entrance is the identification. The most common form of identification used are the printed invites or tickets. However these people used wristbands instead of a tickets.    Wristbands unlike tickets are durable and an all day solution. The wearer can have fun at the event without worrying about losing his tickets and about re-entry. This aids in efficient admissions and better crowd flow.

I had a chat with the college kids who organized the event later that day. They said that they got the idea while organizing alcohol parties, as people often have a few drinks and tend to lose their invitations. So having a secure writstband can avoid hassles during re-entry and lower the chances of any confrontation and disturbance.

They have taken this simple concept and implemented it in a huge event. They had wrist bands of different colors for different levels of access (VIPs, members, back stage access and organizers), they also had bar codes implemented in every wristband and thereby decreased the money spent on security logistics for the event.
[box type=”info” ]Adding Promotions to the Wristbands
A big event cannot be conducted without good sponsors and promoters. The wristbands they provided had the sponsor’s logo and message along with the bar code. In addition to making the event more secure they also made good money out of wristband sponsors. Promotions often help pay for the cost of the wristbands.[/box]

Durability for Longer Events

Tickets are not the right solution especially for a multi-day event or a symposium. The greater durability of the wristband over tickets is another important selling point. Most of the materials used for wristbands like silicone, tyvek and neoprene are extremely durable and long lasting. They are also light, cheap and strong.


There are a few trusted online vendors who provide great quality, custom made wristbands. It hardly takes a few seconds for ordering custom made wristbands from these online vendors.