Four Simple Tips to Improve Your Handwriting

Improve your handwriting

Almost any problem related to handwriting can be rectified, people of all ages can improve their handwriting with proper planning, execution and practice. Most of the problems related to your handwriting occur because of the way you were taught. The importance given to the handwriting in schools is declining as the technology is reducing the need for writing.

Despite all the technological advancements there are still several reasons to have a good handwriting, a good handwriting can increase your self esteem and confidence. A good handwriting says as much about a person as a good wardrobe does. Several surveys prove that salesmen and agents having a good handwriting are often more successful in getting more sales.

There are several misconceptions about having a good handwriting, often people say that an expensive fountain pen is a pre-requisite for developing a good handwriting; however an ordinary pen (even a roller ball pen) will be sufficient if you practice the right way.  All you need is time, commitment, proper guidance and perseverance. The following tips can help you in improving your handwriting:

1. Proper Pen grip

You should change your pen grip if you have issues in the free movement of the pen. Proper calligraphy practitioners usually rest the pen on the first knuckle as it helps in achieving the perfection. However opt for a pen grip that has the least restriction of movement.

2. Use the right set of muscles

Generally people use most of their finger muscles to write a single word and this will result in compulsive picking up of the whole hand after completion of every word. Such practice will cause your fingers to tire quickly, and eventually will lead to a cramped writing.

To avoid these issues, one should learn to use the muscles of the shoulder group. Despite the large size of the shoulder muscles, practicing this method will result in precise writing and increased fine motor control. You will easily develop a better handwriting with accurate and controlled movements.

3. Proper Positioning

It is important to have a proper seating posture; it should be comfortable, so that you are neither too high nor too low.  The ideal position is where your forearm is almost parallel to the desk with a slight inclination. Proper position will also help you in better utilization of the shoulder muscles and better fluidity in your writing.

4. Proper guidance and practice:

You need proper guidance throughout your training. Even if you don’t have a personal trainer or a training center, you can opt for one of the reputed online handwriting courses to improve your handwriting. With proper guidance and regular practice for 10 – 15 minutes per day you can improve your handwriting in less than 2 months. Instead of practicing for hours together, it is better to opt for short stints more often.

It is better to practice the age old sentence that has all the alphabets – “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. Writing this sentence for 15 minutes a day without compromising on the technique will fetch you quick and great results.

Good Luck.

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