Hangman – A Game for All Ages

Hangman Game for Everyone

Hangman is a simple ‘paper and pencil’ guessing game which is being played for centuries now. The game which is usually played by two or more players is a simple game where one player thinks of a word and the other tries to guess that word by suggesting letters. The words chosen can be narrowed down based on a category.

History of Hangman

There are no clear records on when the game actually originated however many accept that this game originated during the Victorian times. The game was different when it originated,  with both the first and the last letter written down and the player should find out the rest. The first officially recorded event is the Alice Bertha Gomme’s “Traditional Games”. Hangman was featured as “Birds, Beasts and Fishes” (words only from these three categories). This game later evolved and players started choosing several other categories as well. There are also records of this game being addressed as “The Game of Hangin'”, “Hanger” and “gallows”. Hangman for the first time was featured in a video game named “Mystery Word” in the year 1978.

Criticism and Derivations

Hangman Game for EveryoneThe questionable taste of the picture of a hanging man in a game played by kids is widely criticized. This led to the evolution of game recently. The advent of web-based hangman has taken this game to a new level. The website versions have Hangman games with different illustrations other than a hanging man (check the image), so parents can choose the right version for their kids. Websites also offer other derived games likes word search, chain letters and word scramble.

The Right Strategy to Play the Game

The right way to make an educated guess is to opt for vowels first, as there are very few words without vowels. Even among consonants there are a few that are more common than the rest. The top 10 letters that occur frequently in English are e,t,a,0,i,n,s,h,r and d (descending order). So players while guessing the word should guess based on the frequency of letters along with the sounding pattern. The players who frame the question should try to find words without these common letters.