How to make the system (PC or Laptop) work faster

Whenever we buy a new computer (PC or laptop) we find the speed of the computer to be good. Over a period of time, the computer slows down. There are various reasons for this slowing down. The major factors are
1)    Disk fragmentation
2)    Spyware and malware
3)    Registry errors
4)    Start up errors
The major reason though is the disk fragmentation. The hard drive is the place where all your files will be stored, and programs installed. Assume a case that you have saved a word document in “My Documents” folder. The file will not be saved in a single location; rather it would be saved as smaller parts in various sectors in the hard drive. When you intend to open it, you will double click on the document in the folder, what happens is a series of calls goes to various sectors and all the smaller parts will be assembled together and the file will be opened. The process of file being split and saved at various locations is called as fragmentation (as the name suggests)
Now it is common sense, the higher the number of fragmentation, the greater will be the time take to open the file or run programs. How to avoid this? The answer is to defragment the files, and the hard disk altogether. There is a built in option in windows to defragment, but like any free windows software, this is very slow and takes time. The path to this windows defragmenter is
Click on Start–> Programs–> Accessories–> System tools –> Disk Defragmenter
If you want to have a very powerful defragmenter, and also software which will prevent future fragmentation then you should buy software called as Diskeeper Pro.

If you don’t want to spend money and get you disk defragmented fast and effectively then you need to try Auslogics Defragmenter. Click here to download

This software is quite powerful and many times faster than the windows built in defragmenter.