How to negotiate the best deals for your small business

How to Negotiate Best Deals

When you’re head of your own business every penny counts. All the money that you save on contracting services, providers and suppliers can be pumped into the core aspects of your business like development, marketing and growth.

How to Negotiate Best DealsToday almost all business solutions and services are offered by multiple providers, many of whose price structures can be baffling, resulting in businesses paying a lot more than they should for some services.

So if you want to keep all of your costs and overheads to a minimum, here’s what you need to look out for.


Shop around

The first and most important rule when looking for any new service or business solution is to shop around.

The variation between rates can be very surprising, with the quality and value of the service that you receive also varying hugely between providers.

It may take a bit of extra time to get quotes from all potential suppliers, but the time and effort that you put in at this early stage will pay dividends down the line, especially if you’re looking for a long term solution. 

Look for companies with no hidden costs

When comparing prices on the internet, a lot of companies will have a vast range of packages and a lot of small print. This can result in unwelcome hidden costs that can really push up the price once you’ve signed up for the company.

The best rule to follow is to choose a company that is up front and honest about their pricing structure, because if a business is secretive about their extras from the start, it can be hard to trust them in the long run.

Get your services from the same place

If you’re looking to employ a range of related services like mail forward, an IVR phone system and a virtual receptionist, it can work a out a lot cheaper to buy all of the services from the same supplier.

They may be able to offer you a deal on the setup and maintenance costs, and it will make managing your account a great deal easier.

Always stay on the look out for great offers

How to Negotiate Best DealsOn mistake that many businesses make is that, once they’ve found a company that suits their needs, they stay with them for years and just accept their pricing policy.

Though this can work out to be the cheapest way to run your business, especially if you re-negotiate your contract every year to get a good deal, many of the best offers can be found at smaller companies and new start ups.

It’s therefore a good idea to check the market a couple of times a year to see what other companies are offering elsewhere. If you find any really great deals you can either switch providers or go to your current provider and see if they can match the new quote.

Be flexible

An important factor in securing the best possible deal for your business is to stay flexible.

If you can adjust your requirements a little it can be a lot easier to find good deals. Although it’s important not to alter them too much as you still need to ensure your needs are being met, the more flexible you can be the better.

Finding and securing the best deals for your business can be time consuming, but when you consider the advantages of obtaining a great service at a great price, you’ll see that it is time and energy very well spent.