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Custom Print T-Shirt

These days any truly professional outfit will have made the effort to brand themselves properly with printed materials, work clothing (printed t-shirts and polo shirts) and even having properly branded mugs to offer visitors a more professional cuppa while they wait, can all add to the air of a successful business. It’s no guarantee of success and many failing business are doing the same, but you have to admit it looks good and that’s part of the battle won.

What if you haven’t. You’re maybe worried about needing a professional (read expensive) designer, to work up a design for your t-shirts, then having to work hard at finding a print company and setting up an costly print run (with artwork expenses on top). And is all this worth it if you only want to try a few things out? Don’t you have to order hundreds? And spend thousands? You only want to start off with 5 t-shirts and a few mugs right?

Well for starters your costs can be kept very low. Your initial print run can be very minimal the whole thing could cost you less than 100 bucks.

Custom Print T-ShirtHow is your logo? You’ll need to consider if your logo is up to the job and also if it’s in the right format for printing onto a t-shirt. It’s traditional for T-Shirt printing companies to charge an artwork fee, but these days that’s all changing. Any company worth approaching will take a less than perfect logo image and convert it/ improve it before printing it onto a personalised t-shirt or mug for you. If you need your logo redrawing, or you want to modernise it, or it’s a complex logo that your t-shirt printer can’t offer you the time to redaw, then you should approach one of the many freelancing websites on the internet. You can get your old tired logo redesigned, or converted to a better format for next to nothing!

Once your artwork is ready head off to a reputable t-shirt printing company. Now here’s the best part; modern technology now allows for some wonderful quality t-shirt prints from a digital image directly onto a shirt. The process can be so streamlined that the cost of printing is really very reasonable and the quality is great! You could have 5 t-shirts in your hands within a week and for much less than 100 bucks, having had all the artwork prepared your logo improved and change to throw in a few mugs.

Welcome to your new professional branded company. The punters will love it.

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