Importance of Having a Vacation

The Vida Vibe

Despite this summer coming to an end, most people you know might not have gone on a vacation. A recent study says that over 72% of people never get away on a vacation. Even those who go on a vacation take their work along with them forcing themselves to miss out the fun part of a vacation. Taking our work with us during a vacation defeats the very purpose of a vacation, as we will eventually remain in the same mindset that we try to escape. Too much of work related stress can harm your health as well as career, hence it is imperative to go an occasional vacation.

Vacations Have a Positive Impact on Your Creativity

Vacations encourage self-discovery and help us to reconnect with ourselves. A good vacation can bring the best out of us, and every creative person needs one.  Authors facing a writer’s block often overcome the problem by going on a vacation.

Vacations Can Prevent Fatigue and Burnout

People who go on a vacation once a year are less likely to experience work related fatigue and burnouts. This can lead to improved productivity, every scientific study in this area points to the fact that an under-rested employee’s productivity is far less when compared to an employee who goes out on frequent vacations.

Vacations For Better Health

More than half of all diseases are psycho-somatic and stress related. Taking your time off from work by going on a vacation will decrease your stress levels and will revitalize your body and mind. Ultimately will keep you healthy.

Vacations Improve Overall Well-being

A recent study proved beyond a shred of doubt that vacations improved the overall well-being of people. The study found that the people who went on a vacation had less physical complaints, improved quality of sleep and lower stress levels. This increase in overall well-being was evident even five weeks after the vacation.

Vacations Can The Strengthen Bonds of a Relationship

It goes without saying that spending time with your loved ones will increase the strength of a relationship. A vacation will be remembered for a life time, and having a good time during a vacation can help you to sail through the hard times easily.

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