Improper Use of Bootcfg.exe Command May Cause Partition Loss in Windows

In Microsoft Windows, Bootcfg.exe is a command-line utility that is used to modify Boot.ini file. It has a function, which scan the hard drive of your computer and then add them to existing Boot.ini file or creates a new Boot.ini file if it doesn’t exist. You can use Bootcfg.exe command for adding extra Boot.ini file parameters to new or existing entries. In case if you do an improper update in Boot.ini file using Bootcfg.exe tool, you might come across critical partition loss situations. In these circumstances, you need to go for appropriate Partition Recovery solutions.

Uses of Bootcfg.exe Command

This command has a set of options, that you can see by entering bootcfg at Recovery Console command and pressing Enter key. Below are the main options that are available to you:

bootcfg /default sets default operating system options on Startup menu.

bootcfg /add scans your computer for Microsoft Windows installations and shows results. You can add installation from this screen to startup menu.

The bootcfg /rebuild scans your Windows computer for Windows installations and shows the installations detected during scan process. You receive below message when you enter this command:
The Windows installation scan was successful.
Total identified Windows installs: 2
[1]: C:WINNT

Add installation to boot list? (Yes/No/All):

When you enter y, and press ENTER key, you receive below message:

“Enter Load Identifier:

Type the description of the installation that you want displayed on the Startup menu. For example, type Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and then press ENTER.”

Sometimes, when you try to access primary partition in Windows computer, you might encounter the following error message:

“Local Disk Manager could not update the boot file for any boot partitions on the target disk. Verify your arcpath listings in the file Boot.ini or through the Bootcfg.exe utility.”

When you use Bootcfg.exe command in this case, it will update all the boot records that might cause partition corruption and partition loss problems. Such situations require Windows Partition Recovery to be handled effectively.

The Partition Recovery can easily be performed with the help of Partition Recovery Software. The applications employ high-end scanning algorithms to methodically scan the affected hard drive and extract all of the lost data from it. Partition Recovery tools are completely easy and safe to use.

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