One Simple But Strong Reason Why You Still Need Your Business Cards

Business Cards

Have you ever heard those people saying that business cards are no more useful, that they stop using them many years ago? Well, don’t trust them. Business cards are still used on a daily basis by hundreds of millions of people around the world! Do you know how many cards are printed in the United States every year? 10 billion! Yes, 10,000,000,000! Amazing, isn’t it! So, you would better have your business cards with you at all times! If you need help with the content and design of your new business card, check out this Complete Guide to Business Cards. This free ebook contains 102 pages full of insight and excellent tips.

So, when you leave home, never forget to take your business cards with you: you never know who will meet during the day! It could be a new lead or a good referrer.

By now you should know that if you want to increase your network and grow your business, you need to attend networking events on a regular basis. Try to attend at least one local networking event weekly and one major event once a month. After exchanging business cards with your prospects, don’t forget to tell them that you will follow up; so you can reach out to them asking for more information about their businesses and tell them about yours.

When you go back home from the networking event or social gathering you just attended, you need to organize the biz cards you have collected in your business card manager. This way you can keep track of your contacts and follow up with them.  It is recommended to enter the new contact information on your CRM immediately after receiving them. And, always follow up within 24 hours.

You can send an email or make a phone call. Sending an email is the standard practice and most people prefer it. However, if you call you will certainly stand out. Some people even send a hand written note. Of course, this will take you more time, but it is worth the time invested.

In summary, follow these simple tips to grow your network and increase leads: have always your business cards with you, attend networking events often, and don’t forget to follow up. Good luck!

Guest Post by Oswaldo Zapata. He is the founder of, a customer relationship management system centered on business cards. He would love to connect with you on LinkedIn and exchange ideas. His Linkedin username is oswaldozapata.