PhuketFit Offers The Best Weight Loss Program in Thailand

PhuketFit in Thailand

I just returned from a week long trip to Thailand. I had an absolute ball, especially in Phuket, Thailand. Located in the western cost, the island Phuket is home to some of the most beautiful beaches of the world, and has excellent infrastructure in place. We spent most of our time in PhuketFit, a world renowned fitness and wellness resort in Phuket.

PhuketFit Resort:

PhuketFit in Thailand

PhuketFit has all the facilities needed for a great vacation, and is located in between two beautiful beaches. The resort is just a minutes walk from Rawai beach and less than a kilometer from the quiet Ya Nui beach. Located in the southern most tip of the island, the area surrounding the resort has several white sandy beaches and tropical landscape. Other landmarks near the resort are the Big Buddha statue, Temples and Phi Phi island. A stay at this resort provides us with the opportunity to explore the nature and relax, whilst recharging our batteries. The place is often dubbed as heaven on earth, the resort has a state of the art gym, a pool and a beautiful dining area, serving exotic dishes (caters to even vegans and vegetarians). Read some of the reviews of the visitors of PhuketFit resort.

PhuketFit Weight Loss Program:

The resort offers several programs like Yoga training, weight loss program and detox. The weight loss program is the most popular with several people coming to the resort with the hopes of losing those extra flabs and toning up a little. The best part of this program is the highly personalized approach; the trainers device a weight loss plan based on the participant. The program is conducted by highly trained professionals who has extensive knowledge in fitness, nutrition and detox cleansing. Phuketfit also offers a wide range of raw diet and fresh juices to accelerate the weight loss and body cleansing.

They also try and address the root cause of the weight gain and the importance of detox to reverse the effects of day to day stress.  They also understand that the duration of the visitor’s stay will vary and hence have programs of different duration to cater to the needs of the visitors. For instance, they have detox programs ranging from 4 to 21 days.

The original weight loss program was launched over a year ago, however they have now added new training methodology coupled with detox and dieting. They also help in correcting those bad habits which would keep the people struggling with obesity, despite putting in efforts.