Playing Cricket In Michigan Winter

Southgate Michigan

Southgate Michigan

I came back to the US after a month long vacation, and the historically high temperatures in Bloomington encouraged me to drive to Chicago. I went to the Shedd Aquarium, which I had missed during my previous visits to Chicago. After spending the day in Chicago, I went to meet a friend of mine in Michigan. It was a 5 hour long drive to the South Gate, MI from Chicago. We had a good late night dinner in his house and I slept like a baby after an eventful, but tiresome day.

The next day, he took the day off and we watched the New Zealand vs Sri Lanka test match in which Kane Williamson won the match all by himself and we felt like playing some cricket.  He had cricket bat, balls and all other accessories, as he regularly played with his collegues. Also his backyard was quite big and we played for a while. That is when his wife left to a local college where she was pursing a nursing course.

The fun of playing cricket took over, and he started playing aggressively, despite my repeated warnings. He hit a ball straight in to his bedroom window and the large glass window came crashing down. With temperatures expected to go well below 30F that night, it was important to fix the window immediately. However for him, getting the window fixed in time (before his wife returned) was of primary concern. We packed off all the cricketing gears and started our hunt for a good local window replacement agency.

We dialed a few numbers, but no one was ready to do it immediately. They had to visit, take measurement, order replacements and then find time to fix it. Finally we found Windows Replacement, Southgate Michigan. Not only were they willing to visit immediately, they went on a hyperdrive to get a replacement and fix the broken window.

Unfortunately, by the time they oacked their things to leave, my friend’s wife returned. Though she was upset with us for breaking the window, she became all the more furious when she came to know that he tried to hide the entire episode from her. I just added fuel to the fire by explaining how my friend went overboard to hide the entire incident from her. It was fun.. :-)