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Mr. Chappell again.. but with a difference

“The young South African has shown he has the right stuff to take over from Ponting when the time comes.” – Ian Chappel.

“Ricky Ponting has long been considered the master of the willow wielders. He attained this lofty status even with the presence of Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara, both of whom vied for the title from the days when the young Australian was only a glint in the eye of Academy head coach Rod Marsh. Judging by the cool approach and precise shot-making of Cape Cobras’ JP Duminy in the opening Champions League match, he’s the young batsman most likely to usurp Ponting’s title.” – Ian Chappel.

Last time when sachin failed in two matches in the world cup(2007),  out came the waiting vultures to rip the already injured hero of his remaining flesh. It is often said, vultures don’t differentiate between a lion or a lamb when they are injured badly. The same happened with Sachin, he was already hurt with the india’s early exit from the world cup and the way the guru greg, spoiled the party by playing around with sachin’s position. (He was brought in at 3rd down in a world cup match). His brother Ian went one step ahead to try and finish off the master.

He said Lara is the best batsma, in his mirror article (read the article here).

He also said that Sachin should quit and he is standing in the line of a rebuilding Indian side. So, In reply to that article I wrote an article (Read here) This was during March 2007.

And later an article about how Ian chappel back tracked his own statements in australia and how sachin went on to become the top batsman of that very same year in both forms of the game and also a reply to Mr. Manjerekar ( Read here)

Now coming back to the topic. Ian is now saying that Duminy is great and will take over from Ponting. He also added that Ponting was the undisputed king even when sachin and lara were competing against themselves. I now don’t understand what happened to the mirror of Ian, which told him on March 30th 2007 that Lara is the best batsman of that time in the world. (Lara retired shortly) Now he is saying that Ponting is the undisputed king even when Sachin and Lara were competing against themselves. Now my question is, will this guy ever take a stand? Now what is his motto? When Sachin and Lara were the top players of world, he said that Lara is the best, and when Sachin and Ponting are the top players of the world he is saying that ponting is better than lara and sachin. Now do you guys get the the central idea of his article? Just to bring down the master.

Now who is Ponting? The man with 10k odi and test runs, and the one with 38 test centuries and 28 odi centuries, and batsman who is a home track bully. Despite all the runs he has scored, not even a single great bowler or a batsman has ever named this guy as a great player (Leave alone the best player of the world). The reason for that should be seen with some stats. With this decade almost coming to an end, we got to see some interesting stats. Sachin fans always say that the bowlers of the 90s were better than those of the 2000s. Look at how the bowlers and batsmen fared in these two decades

In addition to that there is a stats which list out the top players of this decade. Ponting (9000 odd runs in this decade) followed by hayden, dravid and kallis. All these people have scored more than 8000 career runs in this decade. so these guys have scored more than 80% of their runs in this decade when the bowling attacks of the teams have be reduced to mediocrity. The best part is Ponting and Hayden had never played the best attack of this decade (which comprised mc grath, warne, gillespie and lee). So, no wonder these guys scored great runs in these decade. Why not Sachin then, Sachin too played in this decade. Now look at the number of matches sachin played during the past decade and in this decade? Ridiculously low, because of his injuries and missed matches. Like we spoke before stats don’t tell the complete story. Has Sachin or Lara been a bunny of any bowler? Sachin definitely not, though he has great duels with bowlers, but Lara was dismissed by Mc Grath like a bunny otherwise Lara too has dominated almost all the bowlers he has faced. Whose bunny pointing is? I can see all the arms raising to answer this question. Now which player took more catches than the runs he scored in his first trip to india? I can see all the arms raising to answer this question. Now who in his second series faked an injury and made gilly the captain, and returned only to the fourth match when the series was already won by australia? I can see all the arms raising.

People who sing praises on his captaincy fail to understand one basic thing. Even he has not won a series in India (while all others talk about him losing Ashes twice, many fail to recollect that he has lost 3 of the 5 matches that he captained in india and while the other two were drawn). When his average at home is close to mid sixty what is his average abroad? Now to even call him as the second best batsman after don to wear the baggy green is ridiculous, but ian is seeing he is better than both sachin and lara. Sorry Mr. Chappel, you are losing even the bits and pieces of respectability you have as a commentator.

Sachin: His balance, On and off the field the way he conducts himself, his humility, his records, his game against all opposition and in all pitches. The way he gets a standing ovation in all kind of crowds around the world. The way the all time greats have sung praises about him, the way a billion people adores him and the way he is being worshiped as God of Cricket and the list would continue, why any one would want the chair of being sachin. Sehwag recently said “If Sachin has said that thing (Sehwag resembles me the most while batting) then I would happily die today, there can be no bigger compliment”. That is the reality of getting closer to what sachin is.

Ponting on the other hand is booed by his own crowd for the way he behaved, all the journalists called them a bunch of dogs, the way he shouts at the journos when asked some pricky questions (if you doubt my integrity you should not be here!!!!). A typical cry baby..

We all know what Bradman said about Ian Chappell (and also what bradman said about sachin) and his attitude and we all know how Ponting got in to trouble after having the drinking problem. Now read the statement of Chappell again “The young South African has shown he has the right stuff to take over from Ponting when the time comes.” – Ian Chappel.

I pity Duminy, would he ever want to be the next Ponting? would any player want to take over from Sachin or Lara or would they want to be like a Ponting? I guess Duminy is the right person to talk about it, and we all know what his answer would be. “F**K you mate, I would rather sit in my toilet with the seat raised rather than sitting in the mantle of Ponting”.

Comparisions have always been there for Sachin. Initially with Lara, Anwar, Mark waugh, Aravinda de silva, steve waugh and so on. But he prevailed, and won over them by a huge margin in both forms of the game and against all the odds. Now it is with Ponting, I can say this before hand, “Ponting cannot even dream to attain 50 percent of the legacy of Sachin”.

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  • Sachin Mandve

    Hi Ajith,

    I am following your articles since I signed up Orkut. It is always a pleasure to read about our own Tendlya, anytime, anywhere.

    But while reading your articles I always felt like my (rather every Sachin fan’s) feelings have been reflected through your writing.

    Great work, Keep bashing those morons (I mean Chappels & Manjrekars..)

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