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Thursday, August 21, 2014
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Where stats tell an incomplete story – Sachin beyond the plane of genius

There are numerous records created by sachin, and today when he has most of the records, what he is doing is just distancing himself form his nearest rival by a huge margin. Saying this, let us see some of the known records of sachin and quite a few unknown records of him.

In Odis

Highest run getter in odis

Highest average for anyone who has more than 6000 runs.

Highest number of centuries

Highest number of 50s.

Maximum number of boundaries

Maximum number of man of the matches

Maximum number of Man of the series

Scored centuries against all 8 test playing nations

Has scored more than 10000 runs when India won.

Maximum runs in a single calender year

Maximum centuries in a single year.

In Test Matches

He has the maximum number of runs

Maximum number of centuries

Maximum runs on foreign soil

Maximum number of boundaries

Centuries against all test playing countries

These are some of the known stats, and there are quite a few unknown stats which many would not have thought of.

1) He has hit the maximum number of sixes in a single calender year. The number is 40 sixes. Then next to follow is hayden with 35 sixes, yuvi with 33 and jayasurya with 30. That record was created in 1998. Now people will say that, that is sachin at him pomp and he don’t score like that now. The next record is for you guys

2) He has hit the maximum number of boundaries in a single calender year. The year is 2007, he has hit 192 boundaries, his closest rival? himself scoring another 188 boundaries in the year 1998.

Should I give more such stats? well not now, let us drip feed this one. Look out for such new stats everyday.

Now back to the topic title. Stats do tell a story, these stats can only be achieved by a genius beyond compare. There is sachin and there is vacuum and then there is competition for the third spot, let them fight for it.

Now the question is, how can we call him? the genius, or the greatest or the face of cricket? No title can portray him correctly. That is because he is beyond explanation. Sehwag recently said, that Sachin used to say at times he will be in the zone where his subconscious will take over. He can see nothing but the ball. I just recollected the story of the gurukul of the pandavas and the kauravas. When Drona placed a bird on a tree top and asked duryodhan to aim at the bird. He then asked duryodhan about what all he see. Duryodhan replied back that he could see the whole world. The suit followed with other kauravas with similar reply and then the pandavas said better answer like the tree alone and the branch alone. But when he asked Arjun to take the aim, and asked what he could see, arjun replied that he could see only the bird and on refocus he said he could only see the eye of the bird. That is the reason for Arjun’s greatness and it is the mastery of Arjun which made drona a great guru, and it is the mastery of sachin which made Archerekar a great guru and led him to win the dronacharya award.

Arjun is someone who followed his art in a way beyond compare, he used to practice during the dark times. Practice with both the hands, and he was completely ambidextrous. Sachin is very similar to him, we know how he used to practice, and we also know that he is ambidextrous. The only difference between them is Arjun had krishna by his side, but sadly Sachin had only shakunis around him most of the time, in the form of match fixers and chappels. [Do you guys understand why he named his son as Arjun?]

When there is power cricket all around, sachin’s batting looks like a ball dance nothing but grace. He looks like an expert surgeon dissecting a body with utmost care. He looks like a Shaolin master, who takes upon the enemies with grace, calmness and composure with minimal movement and great balance. Any photo still of his batting looks like someone is giving the perfect pose. Take any frame of any video of his batting, you can make a giant cut out with it. Such is the beauty, no one, not even lara can come close to this, not even bradman. This is where the stats fail to tell the complete story.

The moment he walks in to pitch, there will be butterflies in everyone’s stomach, and that is where the stats fail to tell a complete story.

In every test match, half the Indians used to pray for two wickets to fall, so that the master can practice his art, this is where the stats fail to tell the complete story.

When he gets out, half the audience switch of the TV, this is where the stats fail to tell the complete story. (Though TRP ratings proved that to an extent)

Though stats rate him as the greatest to play the game ever, it cannot tell you the legacy of this master. He inspired me, he inspired a generation of youngsters. He went beyond age group, gender and geography. Every time he walked out, the generally hostile Australian crowd gave him a standing ovation. The kiwis gave him a standing ovation. Enland gave him a standing ovation. How can mere stats convey this legacy? It is in the hearts of people. Even after a century this legacy will live. Where a simple middle class kid, broke all the barriers and inspired a nation of a billion people to believe that world recognition is possible to achieve for everyone. Which made every mom of this country to have a dream of having a kid like Sachin.

Hats off to the master.

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  • Amit

    Majestic work yaar… Stupendous stats by god…

    I like these, “Sachin is 1st and there is vacuum and let others fight for third spot..

  • umesh shelke

    well sir those are the mind blowing stats!!!its just unbelievable figures by little maste.and hats off to you for collecting such stats!!!this is nice article,and just wanna say 3 words i.e keep it up………

  • vijayanand

    Beyond comparison without any article !!!!

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