The Beauty of Locks and Locksmithing


For long (almost every time I lock my house) I used to wonder who invented a lock.  The curiosity increased after my recent visit to Washington D.C, so I went ahead and did some research about locks and locksmithing. A “smith” in general is someone who shapes metal pieces, Make simple metal into a  more complex structure. Locksmithing, is the assembly of putting together locks and keys.

Though the first locks were created in Egypt, the earliest known key-based locks were created during the Assyrian Empire in the 7th century BC.  From those primitive keybased locks today the technology of locksmithing has evolved so much that there are colleges offering an engineering degree in locksmithing.

I am writing this article today because I just recollected the bad experience I had when I visited Washington D.C. Visiting Smithsonian Institute was on top of my wishlist for over 5 years, especially after reading Dan Brown’s novels. So I planned a trip to Washington D.C where are friend of mine worked. He took me around in his car, we visited a few places that day, and had a good South Indian dinner in a Mall . It was late, and when we were about to leave to his house for the night, we were in for a rude shock as my friend lost his car keys. That was a second hand car and he just had one key.

Facing this issue for the first time, he panicked. I was carrying my tablet so I searched for a good locksmith in Washington DC who can help unlocking the car at late night.  There were a few but most of them were done for that day. Finally a company called galaxy locksmith came down at that odd hour and helped us unlock the car and created a new set of keys. We came to know that they operated 24 hours and provided emergency services too.

However there might not be such locksmiths in every location, so from that day on I wanted to learn this art (or Science?). The whole thing is so fascinating, there are no locks that are 100% foolproof, however it takes enormous skill and good amount of resources for a locksmith to unlock. It is a nice hobby, and people say that it gives the same experience that deep meditations give. Someday I will learn it and pursue it as a hobby.

I did visit Simithsonian the next day!!

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