The Court System and Probation in South East United States

Court System

If you have ever been involved in the court system before, or know somebody that has, then you have probably heard about the term probation. However, a lot of people who have heard of probation don’t actually know what it is.

Probation is a sanction that is ordered by a court that grants a person the opportunity to remain outside of jail and in the community, rather than serving there sentence behind bars.

Court SystemTypically, when a man or a woman is placed on probation, he or she is given an extensive set of conditions or stipulations that the probationer must follow by law. Some of the most common conditions of probation are community service that must approved by the probation officer and completed within a certain time frame, random drug testing at the probation officer’s office and/or at the probationer’s home, and a mandatory drug and alcohol evaluation, which is usually followed by a set of informational classes.

In most cases if the probationer does not complete the conditions of probation that were put in place by a judge, or breaks a rule that was set forth by the judge or probation officer, that individual’s probationary jail time will be revoked, and they will have to serve the rest of their sentence in the actual jail rather than on the outside.

Some of the harshest and most stringent terms of probation can be found in the Southeast United States. If you have been charged with a crime Georgia, for instance, you may want to consider hiring a Savannah criminal defense attorney to help you during your court proceedings.

Lawyers are able to negotiate with the prosecutor or solicitor to help get their clients reduced sentences, less jail time and in some cases are able to get the case thrown out altogether. Even if you have not been charged with a crime in the Southeast, it is wise to consult with a seasoned attorney who can help explain to you what is going on with your case and give you updates as to how long you will have to spend in jail or be on probation.

Of course the best plan of action when it comes to the courts around the U.S. is to never get involved with them if possible, which means  not breaking the law. But if you are charged with a crime and need to find out more about probation, make sure to give a credible lawyer a phone call so that he or she can aid you.