Top 500 worst passwords of all time (and how girls are better than boys)

I happened to come across an article recently about the worst possible passwords of all time. The article was so interesting (and enlightening :-) ) that I am posting it in my blog. Another thing about passwords are girls are generally better, and they have more secure passwords than boys (read as men).

Jokes apart, this is a serious issue, ever since passwords are introduced to keep your accounts safe, there has been continuous growth of hackers, the encryption evolves so does the hackers. I don’t want to copy paste the article here, that would be sort of doing injustice to the original article. I will just give you the link for that post. Visit the page here

Unless our account gets hacked we will never know what kind of damage that can do to us, so Please always keep a secure password and a password beyond guesswork. Use special characters and numbers whenever possible, that will make your password more hack resistant.