You Can’t Fail, When You Don’t Give-Up – Inspirational Derek Redmond Story

Never Give-up Derek Redmond

Never Give-up Derek Redmond

Today’s inspiring story is that of Derek Anthony Redmond, a retired British athlete and the British record holder for 400 meters sprint. He won Gold medals in World Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games.  Before the 1992 Olympics he had undergone 6 different surgeries, however he started the 1992 Olympic Games in a grand style and clocked the fastest time in the quarterfinals. He started the semi-finals as the favorite, but he tore his hamstring midway. He continued the race limping and his father rushed in to the track to assist him, he managed to complete a full lap and the huge crowd of 65,000 gave him a standing ovation.

The story did not end at that point, two years after the Olympics, his surgeon told him that he would never run again or represent his country in any active sport.

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He quickly came to terms with the loss of his athletic career and with the strong encouragement of his father he started playing other sports that he enjoyed. He practiced basketball tirelessly and after several trials with different basketball clubs, he secured a place on the Great Britain national basketball team.

He sent a signed photo of his team to his surgeon who had assured him that he would never represent his country again.

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