Peacocks Fighting

Peacocks Fighting
Peacocks Fighting
Peacocks Fighting
Peacocks Fighting

Absolutely loved this picture.

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  • Desmarais

    will two male african peacock cichlids fight if kept together in a 75 gallon tank? i dont want breeding to take place, which is why i dont want females…i know the Haps and Peacocks are much more peaceful than Mbuna cichlids…but will two different male peacock cichlids tolerate eachother in a 75 gallon tank?

  • Jeanie Roudebush

    I love peacocks. I want to buy a peacock but im scared it ll fight with the ostriche since the ostriche is very picky about whos near its pen. Now this pic is tempting me to buy a peacock

    • Rajive

      Hi! Just wanted to drop a line and say I think your phoots are amazing. I have a degree in visual arts and have rarely seen such great phoots. I am a painter and have really found your work inspiring! You have a very keen sense of light and balance. How lucky you are to have such wonderful surroundings. Thank you for sharing your talent. From NWT Canada, cheers!