Marriage – A Relationship for Life

Indian Marriage

Indian Marriage

I have lived in India and in the US for substantial amount of time and I can safely conclude that  the US is truly a land of opportunities, if you have a dream and focus you can succeed while in India you need to struggle even to set up a simple business. The main reason being the overall wealth of India has been categorically scraped till the last bit by the invaders and the imperialists leaving the country high and dry. In addition they left us with an age old system of bureaucracy which shunts the growth of entrepreneurs.

However what the invaders and imperialists could not break is our lifestyle and values. In India still relationships are deep, we don’t have mother’s day, father’s day and so on, because we never found the need for having a special day for realizing the importance of relationships. For Indians, parents are the first known Gods and all the ancestors are treated as Gods and they did not need a day to remind themselves about that. In India still women do Sumangali pooja every year, a worship of goddess to prolong the life of their husband, and to die before their husbands’ do. I don’t think any other civilization or culture has that kind of depth in relationships. For men too a marriage is an important karma in life where he promises to take care of his wife throughout his life and also promise to give freedom for her to pursue spiritual goals.

Though a lot of these are forgotten today, still there is a lot of emotional security among Indian people even if they are beggars or slum dwellers. The relationships are deep unlike the people of the US, where I find most of the relationships to be superficial. Not just the relationship, even the appreciation that comes from the people in the US is superficial. Even wives of rich men are emotionally insecure, fearing a divorce (and the vice versa). Oprah recently in a TV show covered the perils of a slum dweller in India, but even such a slum dweller and his family members will be emotionally secure and he will strive hard to get a good life for his kid, unlike what happened to her in her childhood.

I don’t know which is better; a country with corruption and poverty but with superior values or a country that is economically prosperous but with superficial relationships and superficial values. This picture tells the entire story