Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy a lot, I hate spam as much as you hate it. Any personal information you submit in my site, will be highly confidential, and I will not share the information with any third party. Nevertheless, I cannot be held responsible for the information you submit to any third party through my site, say for example the pages you visit through the displayed ads (If any). I run this blog of mine purely to help others and to put forward my thoughts.

However I track the traffic to the blog through third party website tracking tools, so some of the information like from where you browse my site, the OS, the browser and your ip will be tracked by the third party tracking. No personal information of you will be stored in any form.

You will not receive any promotional material if you subscribe to my website. You will get the updates happening in my website through a third party service (Google’s Feedburner).

– Ajith kumar