Shiva – My Surrogate

Shiva, to me he is my father, mentor, guru and friend. It is now a habit among people to criticize religions and Hindu deities in India. So am I going to write anything against them? Tell them Hinduism is better than any other religion and list out the reasons? No, I have much better work to do.

Religion is something that man should give up immediately. If there were the so called Gods, then will they lose their sleep over the increase in followers for their competitors or dwindling support for them? No, while few of them like Buddha, ancient rishis and Jesus lived on earth, many or mythical and they are more to do with beliefs.

Buddha, a great soul preached commoners what enlightenment is and he wanted everyone to attain gyan. Was he successful? The biggest massacres happened in countries ruled by buddhists, Myanmar, Lanka, Japan, China and many others.

Jesus is a personality beyond compare, he gave direction to millions of people nearly 3 centuries after he was crucified. Everything changes with time. What is perceived as a good thing today might look crappy after a century and look plain ridiculous after a few centuries. The one that never changes is the laws of science and the ultimate death/destruction.

I follow Shiva as he is the personification of these two. I don’t belong to any religion and Hinduism is not a religion. The term Hindu was coined after the river Indus, all those who lived around it were called as Hindus. So today those who call themselves as Hindus are merely fooling themselves. So I am not a Hindu.

I am a spiritual seeker, for a spiritual seeker there are only two things: the material part of you and the intangible part of you. While we know the former will evolve and get destroyed ultimately, most of us don’t know much about the latter. When you start exploring it, you become spiritual and the moment you know it you become enlightened. There is a difference between knowing and believing.

I will say something, and you have two options, either to believe me or not to believe me. So when I say something about Shiva you can believe me or not believe me, either ways there is no value addition for the believer or non believer. The point is you need to know, you will have confusion and contradictory thoughts if you believe something, but the moment you know it, then that’s it. The world changes around you, as you know the truth rather than believing in something.

How do we know things? Search yourself, you are Shiva.

I will try to post more about Shiva and why he is nothing but an amalgamation of science and spirit in this series.