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This is What Humans Did to Our Earth

Save our Planet

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Arctic Sea is Going to Disappear Soon. Can We Stop It?

Arctic Ocean Retreating

I fondly remember those days when I memorized the names of oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic). However it looks like my son will have only four names to memorize instead of five. The Arctic Ice caps (which is actually considered as the arctic sea) are melting at an ...

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Man’s Game Against the Nature

Nature Vs Man

For once, if man wins the game he will lose everything.

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World’s Largest Flower

World's Largest Flower

A friend of mine shared this image. It is supposed to be the world’s largest flower. This is tremendous.

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A Silent World – Result of Man’s Quest for Controlling the Nature

Man Destroying Nature

Once people get their basic needs fulfilled and have sufficient wealth to take care of their family, then they will start thinking about things which they would otherwise not do. Over the past couple of years when I lived in the US and when I came back to India, my ...

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