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The Belief Behind Astrology and Astrological Predictions

My friends constantly question my interest in Astrology. I always refrained from getting in to a debate about Astrology, because most of us are...

Science and Shiva – Part III

Sir Jacob Epstein - One of the greatest sculptors of modern times says this about Shiva, "Shiva dances, creating the world and destroying it, his large...

Shiva-Shakthi Duality and the science of Saivam

It is often said in tamil "சக்தி இல்லையேல் சிவம் இல்லை ", which means "There is no Sivam without Shakthi". People often think that Shiva...

Shiva – My Surrogate

Shiva, to me he is my father, mentor, guru and friend. It is now a habit among people to criticize religions and Hindu deities...


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