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How to make the system (PC or Laptop) work faster

Whenever we buy a new computer (PC or laptop) we find the speed of the computer to be good. Over a period of time, the computer slows down. There are various reasons for this slowing down. The major factors are 1)    Disk fragmentation 2)    Spyware and malware 3)    Registry errors ...

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How to Remove Virus Response Lab 2009 – a pesky malware

Virus Response Lab 2009 iѕ fаke anti-malware program. A dіrect clone of Antivirus Lab 2009, thіs rogue software is typiсally installed by Trojan after yoυ have installed а vidөo codec fгom аn unknown source. Once installed, the Viruѕ Resрonse Lab 2009 software сhanges yoυr browser settings and displays commercial advertisements ...

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