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Aren’t We All Shoe Makers? – The Story of Ashtavakra


This is the story of sage Ashtavakra, which my grand mother narrated me several hundred times during my childhood days. This story had a lasting impression on me, and this story is also the root of several other Zen and Buddhist folk stories in China. During a time of absolute harmony ...

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Ang Lee: A Never Ending Dream

Ang lee Inspirational Story

Following Ang Lee’s second Best Directing win at the Academy Awards this time, this beautiful essay resurfaced. This was said after his first academy win. This article was shared by a friend of mine (Shirupa). I would also like to thank Irene Shih as this translation was taken from her ...

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Chapter 10: Getting Over Indecisiveness

Sanyasthama Vinasyati - Ajithkumar

I was unable to blog as frequently as I used to do before, I had my hands full after relocating to the US. I also got feed back from my college friends about my blog and how it might impact their personal life. So, I took a decision to write predominantly ...

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Chapter 1: Birth of a Cursed Soul

birth of a cursed soul

Unlike a video game life will not present you with a beginner level to get accustomed to the rules of the game. However over a period of time, some get accustomed to the vagaries of life and learn to live with it (might be with a grudge), while others succumb. ...

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The Wolfman – Trailer first on internet (The theatritical version)

The story of this movie goes like this Inspired by the classic Universal film that launched a legacy of horror, The Wolfman brings the myth of a cursed man back to its iconic origins. Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro stars as Lawrence Talbot, a haunted nobleman lured back to his ...

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